Top 10 Future Scans of the Week (2/25 – 3/2)

March 03 2008 / by Marisa Vitols
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In addition to our weekly awards, every Sunday MemeBox will also release our official Top 10 List of the most interesting and useful Future Scans posted the during the preceding week. This list is a great way to get acquainted with what the Future Scanner has to offer and to quickly digest some great information.

The Top 10 Future Scans for the week of February 25 – March 2 (in no particular order) are:

Computers See Diseases Written All Over Your Face
submitted by Austra Zubkovs (Scan Direct Link)

10 Reasons We Will Live to 1000
submitted by juldrich (Scan Direct Link)

Killer Robots … Friend or Foe?
submitted by il pinolo (Scan Direct Link)

The Future of Universal Water
submitted by Zora Styrian (Scan - Direct Link)

Daylight Savings Time Wastes Energy
submitted by mzalite (ScanDirect Link)

Non-Magnetic Metals Made Magnetic by Reducing to Nanometer Sizes
submitted by Rahein (ScanDirect Link)

Clothes To Monitor Heart Beat, Other Vital Signs, Automatically?
submitted by butterscotch (ScanDirect Link)

Virtuality and Reality ‘to Merge’
submitted by Field of Memes (ScanDirect Link)

Nano Self-Assembly Boosting Moore’s Law
submitted by FutureFly (registration required) (Scan Direct Link)

Robot Interprets (& Performs) Your Dreams
submitted by mariposa (ScanDirect Link)

*BONUS – This one just gets supreme coolness points: Amazing Pictures from Space
submitted by futuretalk (ScanDirect Link)

To get in on the action you too can submit your own scans or write-up your reactions and enter them as blog posts. Every voice is valued here at MemeBox and we’d love to read what you’ve got to say!

Comment Thread (2 Responses)

  1. Those space pictures rock.

    Posted by: FutureFly   March 03, 2008
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  2. Totally

    Posted by: Joe Meme   March 03, 2008
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